Saturday, 4 June 2016

EU Referendum I am voting stay

There is an old adage that says "better the devil you know than the devil you don't" I can see both sides but I can also see that the likes of Gove and Johnson are lining up to become Prime Minister in the very near future. Boris is a buffoon and when I type the word into Google it describes thus :- buffoon A jackass and world class fool
Now that is not the type of person who I wish to take advice from, I am not saying he is not a likeable Buffoon but a Jackass all the same and if he becomes Prime Minister he will then have the world stage to show his capabilities as a world class fool, Heaven Forbid.
How I see Boris Johnson

I  can go on denigrating Boris but my mum always told me if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all
So because I cannot say anything nice about Boris and his unbridled obsession with gaining the Conservative leadership and his allowing the afore mentioned to cloud his judgement of what is best for Britain I best shut up about Buffoon Boris and find something nice to say about that chap Gove

I am not sure I am qualified in this department Michael Gove has never endeared himself to me! I am not a fan of him nor do I like what he has done in the past, as Secretary of State for Education. He was in my opinion useless and as my my Mum said if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all
so I will shut up. But before I do I must just say that for a chap who yesterday rounded his dislike for the ESTABLISHMENT heavily to all and sundry, he himself is very much part of that establishment. He must feel a right charlie when he see's pictures of himself dressed up as The Lord Chancellor 
 Now you cant get much more Establishment than Lord Chancellor but Michael Andrew Gove sounded like a petulant child slagging off the State yesterday maybe he has realised that whilst he has been playing with the clothes in the dressing up box others had realised he not only looks a burk he has achieved nothing and is aligning himself as another Buffoon. See above for description of Buffoon. Once  again I am governed by the words of my mother and she departed this earth fifty years ago  all bar a few days. But for a man who sat and read from a text or auto-cue on a Brexit broadcast just this last week telling me I would be  SIXTY POUNDS yes SIXTY POUNDS a year better off if we leave the European Union. He did it with a straight face he never smurked, he thinks I can be bought for the some of ONE POUND A WEEK (be fair it is one pound and tuppence actually)
A man who when I tried to find his net worth turned up this snippet of nice description Gove was criticised by the National Association of Head Teachers, whose members condemned the climate of bullying, fear and intimidation they claimed he had created during his time as Education Secretary.

I could go on but as I have already said MY MUM SAID if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all
I almost forgot to mention Priti Patel I saw her on TV last night and she ohhhh HMMMM  I cannot say anything else BECAUSE MY MUM SAID if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all,

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  1. Don - That is a saying that my family often say - lts from the Disney film Bambi - and it is the little rabbit Thumper - who said his mum told him - ''lf you can't say sommat nice - say nothing at all''. And better the devil you know - well l know Great Britain - at least what it was - and will stick with them as my devil - rather then the EU. My grandfather survived the Battle of the Somme - then my father was in the navy during WW11 and my mother was in the WAAF during the war - mum still alive - For all they did to give us freedom - l would feel l had committed treason to vote to stay in the EU.