Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Housing Association sell off

Since the great council house sell offs in the nineteen eighties we have not been building enough houses. Now the prime minister wants housing associations to sell off the housing stock that they have. I wish I could have bought a council house at half the market value but when I need a roof over my head in the 1970's  the declined to house me in my hour of need. I rented a cheap flat and then bought my own house a wreck with no kitchen and no bathroom. It cost seven thousand pounds. I could have bought a brand new house for ten thousand but couldn't run to the extra three grad. Head on to the present day youngsters need twenty grand minimum to even be considered for a mortgage and the PM wants to give people who already live in a house a huge discount and a readily available mortgage (the discount will be their deposits) and then when they have all been sold off what next?
I think the sell off stinks. No council or housing society has anywhere near enough houses and now they will have to sell off what stock they do have. Do I sound bitter darn right I am.

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