Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tory Tax pledge is a old news story #lying

Tory tax plans to keep people on minimum wage out of tax for thirty hours. Let's look at this fantastic new plan for an election pledge. Let's look at this wonderful claim made by David Cameron.
Minimum wage for an adult is six pounds thirty one pence
Thirty hours per week =one hundred and eighty nine pounds thirty pence
Tax allowances start at ten thousand and six hundred pounds if I heard Nick Clegg correctly.
That works out approx two hundred and six pounds as a figure where taxation begins.

Anyone else see thirty hours minimum wage is already below the tax threshold?
Cameron is promising people NOT to pay tax on thirty hours work because they are not eligible to even pay tax. And I thought Farrage was a slippery lying toe rag.

I copied this from the Telegraph website

No-one on minimum wage will ever pay tax

The Conservatives will also "entrench in law" the principle that no-one working up to 30 hours a week on the minimum wage should ever pay income tax.
Under a Conservative government the minimum wage will be linked to the personal allowance, which the Tories want to raise to £12,500 by the end of the next Parliament.
They want to "permanently link" increases in the personal allowance to the increases in the minimum wage rather than inflation.
The approach means that if the minimum wage rises faster than expected, workers will still be exempt from paying income tax.
It is also an acutely political move, designed to steal Labour's thunder after Ed Miliband announced plans to increase the minimum wage to £8 an hour by 2020.
Mr Cameron said: "We're going to make sure work really pays in our country - not just now, but always. If Conservatives are in Government, we will change the law so that no-one earning the Minimum Wage will pay income tax - yes: the tax-free Minimum Wage.
"Its purpose - to link the personal tax allowance to inflation, so the lowest earners weren't over taxed and taxed by stealth. And what we're announcing today is the modern, compassionate Conservative version of that change.
"It means we can proudly say that this is the party of working people. For millions of workers not just the party of low income tax - the party of no income tax."

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