Friday, 8 August 2014

Israel's have not helped heal divide

I have always thought Israel had a right to defend itself but looking at the recent reporting on the way they have just obliterated Gaza I have changed my mind. I am working from memory here so forgive me if figures are wrong I am in bed waiting for my wife to help me get up. I am disabled and need care 24/7. It occurred to me had I been in Gazza I would most likely be dead as I can't move out at a few minutes notice.
The figures are from memory and I doubt anyone knows them in all reality anyhow. 1900 killed on the Palestinian side, mostly civilian casualties just involved because they are stuck there. At most that is 1900 families now wanting answers as to why a loved one died and as is often the case why several loved ones died. The next concern of mine is where are the displaced and grieving families going to live. Israel has smashed these people into the ground but does nothing to help those innocent of involvement. They have nothing left and when you start from zero or less that means nothing.
To my mind this is self perpetuating if each death has four family members that is 7600 displaced. No wonder they fire rockets I think if I were in that situation I would want revenge as well.
I know mine is a simplistic view but one that affects us all. Palestinian supporters here in the UK will be wanting to do something to help I don't call that radicalism I call it a normal human response. I don't support violence but touch my family and see what violence is. I think if you look at it like that we are all capable and all culpable.


  1. The Israelis also like to keep the Palestinians "on a diet". The blockade means that nothing gets in or out of Gaza without their say so only just enough to keep them alive, people can't get in or out without Israeli say so - hence the tunnel building. Many incarcerated people build tunnels, not least those confined in the Warsaw Ghetto in WW2. Gaza is in effect an open air ghetto.

    If the Israelis ended the blockade in Gaza and gave people their freedom, I would suggest that support for Hamas within Gaza would evaporate.

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